Consulting Services
Oxopia Consultants help customers to achieve their project goals using verified, process driven methodologies. You use ITIL, Prince2 or PMI, we are up to the job. Knowing that active customer involvement is key, our constultants will use years of personal experience in corporate environments to help you define the right milestones and goals. We help you to ballance the requirements of sales, marketing, customer services, management and keeping cost and planning under control.

We can help you in the roles of
Marketing Managers
Project Managers
Service Delivery managers
Test Managers

Integrated Service delivery
Oxopia Integrated service delivery is all about taking ownership and taking care of the full service delivery process. Following trusted service delivery methodologies we take care of all the steps, starting from the project intake and gathering the functional & Non functional requirements to software development , hardware installations, setting up UAT testing and production systems.

Managed Services
Oxopia Managed Services is the solution when you are looking for a party to take full ownership of the technical side of your operations. Following ITIL standards, we take care of the full Lifecycle management of the systems & services in an Onsite or Offsite setup. Scale and expertise is key to deliver a service within your budgets attaining the KPI's reflecting the service performance you expect.

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